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If you are looking for a weight loss supplement that will get you to your goals, look no further than HydroxyElite. Extreme diet aid manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical brings the effectiveness and popularity of Oxy Elite Pro, which is no longer available, back into the mainstream with HydroxyElite. The company reverse engineered the once popular diet aid and added an additional component to the compound; 250 mg of hydroxy citric acid, a fruit rind extract from the tropical fruit garcinia cambogia, to create HydroxyElite. With the additional extract, HydroxyElite is stronger than ever, making it a leading powerful fat-burning and appetite-curbing supplement for those ready to lose some serious weight.

This extreme diet aid approaches the task of weight loss from a variety of directions, providing numerous benefits that aid users in achieving positive results.

  • Improves your body’s fat burning capabilities
  • Prevents fat absorption
  • Increases energy and aerobic output
  • Suppresses your appetite and create a feeling of fullness
  • Optimizes your body’s overall metabolic functioning
  • Increases your body’s basal (resting) metabolic rate
  • Elevates mood
  • Heightens focus
  • Exerts anti-anxiety properties

As a thermogenic stimulant, one of HydroxyElite’s primary functions is to burn fat. With its unique blend of plant-based extracts and other ingredients, HydroxyElite does this through a number of methods, such as increasing the rate of protein synthesis, decreasing insulin’s fat-storing effectiveness, and stimulating cholesterol breakdown. This strong weight loss supplement also increases your body’s basal metabolic rate, the rate at which your metabolism functions at rest, which allows you to burn more calories than normal when just sitting at your desk.

Not only will HydroxyElite turn your body into a fat-burning machine, it provides cognitive benefits, such as increasing your focus, allowing for more productive and effective workouts, enhancing your mood, and decreasing anxiety. These extra benefits not only add to your overall well-being, they make losing weight easier by keeping you motivated, on target, and energized – all very important in a weight loss regimen.

From fat-burning to increased mood and energy, HydroxyElite is a complete weight loss supplement, that when used responsibly with a healthy diet and regular exercise schedule will help you drop the weight and look great in no time.

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For years OxyElite Pro by USP Labs was praised by many as the ultimate in fat burners, and then they removed the one ingredient that made people love it so much – 1,3 DMAA, also known as 1 3 dimethylamylamine. Powerful, effective, and potent, 1,3 DMAA is a very strong natural stimulant extracted from the geranium stem that helps those with weight loss, energy, and focus, all factors that dieters, weightlifters, and others want in a supplement to help them get in shape, get ripped, or improve performance.

But, why would a company change a successful ingredient list that made their weight loss supplement the top seller? Government pressure. The FDA heard all the excitement about 1,3 DMAA and eventually determined that such a powerful stimulant was an unhealthy addition to the supplement business. Though they didn’t ban 1,3 DMAA or make it illegal, the government issued warnings to supplement makers to not use the ingredient anymore. As a result, USPLabs removed it from OxyElite Pro. The holy grail of fat burning supplements was never the same, and users were not happy.

Enter Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. With no fear of the government, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals filled the market void left by OxyElite Pro and created HydroxyElite, with 1,3 DMAA, a product with an ingredient list that all but cloned the once previously potent supplement. The bold and crafty Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, who has gone up against the government and won in the past, basically brought back the original OxyElite Pro with HydroxyElite. Though both contain the same ingredients in their proprietary blends, how much of each ingredient isn’t known.

So, what is the difference between HydroxyElite vs OxyElite Pro (original formula)? Both proprietary blends, at 119.5 mg per serving, contain the following:

  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl
  • Bauhinia Purpurea L. (Leaf and Pod) Extract
  • Bacopa (Leaf) (Bocopa Monnieri) Extract
  • Cirsium Oligophyllum (Whole Plant) Extract
  • Rauwolscine Extract (Leaf and Root)

And, both contain 100 mg per serving of Caffeine.

But that is where the similarities end. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals goes a step further with HydroxyElite with an added ingredient that makes this already potent weight loss supplement that much more effective. They’ve added 250 mg of Garcinia Cambogia to their formula. Another popular weight loss ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia has some great appetite suppression benefits. A perfect addition to a fat burning supplement, this pumpkin-like, plant based ingredient is extracted for the hydroxycitic acid (HCA) in it. In one human study, this ingredient produced over three times the weight loss than the placebo it was compared against.

Down to the colors on the label, which are the same as the USPLabs supplement, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals makes it clear that HydroxyElite with 1,3 DMAA is the hands down, go to replacement for those that miss OxyElite Pro. They’ve brought back the much-coveted ingredient, 1,3 DMAA, that dieters and fitness enthusiasts crave in HydroxyElite, and capitalized on its efficacy by adding an appetite suppressant that brings results.

For $39.95 a bottle, if you are looking for that edge, that extra boost in energy and focus for weight loss, HydroxyElite has what you need. A powerful and effective weight loss supplement that burns fat, keeps you on task, and helps you control your appetite, HydroxyElite has replaced the once favored original OxyElite Pro, and brings back 1,3 DMAA, putting your fitness and weight loss goals easily in reach.

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Weight loss may be a factor of simple mathematics; if you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight; however, a lot goes into that simple math equation to make it work in your favor when it comes to getting the pounds off.

First, a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen is a must if you want to lose weight. But that alone may not do it. There are a number of other factors that affect weight, such as when and what you eat, your sleep patterns, and the type of exercise you do. The body must be in an optimal state to lose weight, and sometimes we need another tool to add to our weight loss toolbox when we plateau or are having trouble dropping weight. That tool is a hammer if you add HydroxyElite.

HydroxyElite is a powerful and potent diet supplement that turns the body into a fat-burning machine, among other things. Not only does it optimize the body’s metabolism and fat-burning processes, it increases energy, boosts mood, heightens focus, and suppresses your appetite. HydroxyElite provides just the edge you are looking for when trying to lose weight.

But, as there is no single factor that will induce sustained weight loss, barring starving, let’s look at what it takes to safely and effectively lose weight. First, check with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to take on the rigors of a diet and exercise change. Once cleared, remember all that is involved in weight loss. To review, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep are the foundation for an effective weight loss plan.

Food is fuel. If you put good, clean fuel in your car, it will operate more efficiently and last longer. The same goes for what you put in your body. To optimize your diet, avoid processed foods, include foods with all natural ingredients, stay away from sugar based food and drinks, and eat sensible portions. Studies show that if you eat small, healthy meals throughout the day, your metabolism stays fired up and will continuously burn calories.

An active lifestyle is essential to turning your body into a fat burning machine. It doesn’t take much to get the body going, and the benefits of a daily walk are a great place to start if you want to begin burning more calories. Of course, high intensity weightlifting and aerobic workouts will definitely burn more calories, but the key is to do some type of physical activity every day.

An underrated yet vital factor to weight loss, and overall health, is getting enough sleep. When we sleep the body regenerates, heals, and rests from the day’s efforts. When we don’t get enough sleep, we don’t perform as efficiently and effectively as we could, and that means we don’t burn fat as efficiently or effectively either. Studies show that dieters who don’t get enough sleep lose half as much weight as their counterparts who got enough rest. Those without adequate sleep were also hungrier and had less energy. Another drawback from lack of sleep is the increase in the body’s stress hormone, cortisol, which is associated with weight gain and food cravings.

To make it all work to our weight loss benefit, we need to be diligent about what we put into our bodies, how we use our bodies, and how we rest our bodies. In addition to adhering to these foundational acts when we want to lose weight, a dietary supplement like HydroxyElite can give you that extra boost and edge you need to get your body into a fat burning state.

By increasing your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) alone, the body is a finer tuned weight loss and fat burning machine with HydroxyElite. With the added benefits of increased mood, energy, focus, and productivity, this addition to your weight loss regimen will help you achieve your diet and fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

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